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FAQ about us 

Why All Natural Beef?


Grass is the natural diet of cattle. Cattle that are grass-fed are healthier, and so is their beef. We believe what an animal is fed greatly affects the nutritional value of the meat from that animal. Grass fed beef is referred to as a nutrient dense food.  It is higher in numerous antioxidants, including, Vitamin E and B Vitamins, as well as Vitamin A and CLA's. Grass-fed beef also has a better balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, a favorable unsaturated to saturated fatty acid ratio, and is lower in total fat; plus, it provides more total dietary protein.l





What kind of cattle do you raise?

We raise Black Angus or Angus bred cattle. We chose this breed because of their easy going temperament, their mothering ability, and their production of superior quality of meat.  Angus also will search for their food  - which helps the production and sustainability of the land, and the efficiency of grass conversion. They roam to eat grass while naturally fertilizing the land to grow more grass, never adding extra carbon to the atmosphere.


Are your cattle raised in a humane environment?

Yes, Carpenter Cattle are not kept in pens or feedlots—they spend their life in a stress free environment, in the pasture. They are grazing in the kind of communal groups they prefer. They aren't given hormones to enhance their growth and they have no need of antibiotics to help them digest grain, which isn't in their natural diet. They live as nature intended. We only handle our cattle on horseback or on foot, and most of our cows will come when called.

What is the best way to cook Grass-Fed Beef?

Grass fed beef tends to be lower in fat, so it will cook about 20% faster at a lower temperature than conventional meat. This is due to difference in the fatty acid profile. Because grass-fed beef has more total unsaturated fatty acids than grain-fed beef, the fats has a lower melting point, so it cooks faster. 




Do you raise all your own cattle?


We raise the cattle for Carpenter Cattle Company and if we are unable to meet our demand, we buy cattle from other family ranchers that raise their cattle like we do. We choose to raise our cattle the way nature intended.

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